About Me and Contact

(c) Guy PerkinsI am a Wiltshire-based landscape artist with a passion for exploring my physical environment with all my senses. Each of my artworks is a response to those explorations. I work in mixed media on paper and canvas, and often on a large scale.

I grew up in Wiltshire surrounded by the undulating chalk downs, forests and wide open skies that make this county special. I have always felt it to be a mysterious place, where ancient ancestors appear to emerge from the hills, stones and trees to join me as I walk through the landscape. Like the memory of a dream, they linger around my senses and inform my arts practice.

After twenty years in publishing, I left full-time employment in 2016 to pursue my life-long ambition of becoming an artist. Please contact me below with any questions about my artworks for sale, upcoming exhibitions, commissions, or to be included on my mailing list.