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Open Studio, July 2018

The Pewsey Vale is a very special place and it has played an important part in almost all of my life. My family has a deep connection to this place: every lane, copse, field and hill elicits a memory, a story, or an emotion. Maybe its […]


He’s back

‘Why aren’t you drawing right now?’, ‘What sort of artist ARE you?’, ‘You don’t have anything to say’, ‘You’re too old to make it now’, ‘Who would be interested in THAT?’, ‘You can’t even draw a tree properly’. Ah, the inner critic has arrived again. […]

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Thinking about my own identity brings up all sorts of questions around the ‘I’ that I’m referring to. People talk about the ego, like some sort of internal narcissist who’s always clamouring for attention and walking all over what’s left of our ‘self’. Is that […]

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