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Summer 2018: New Beginings

I’m embarking on a new set of landscapes that focus on the hidden, and the multi-layered nature of our physical environment. Recently, I watched a BBC program about Australian Aboriginal artists and their ancient (c.70,000-year-old) culture. It made me quite envious of their artistic connection […]


Open Studio, July 2018

The¬†Pewsey Vale is a very special place and it has played an important part in almost all of my life. My family has a deep connection to this place: every lane, copse, field and hill elicits a memory, a story, or an emotion. Maybe its […]


Ridgeway January 2017

This ancient trackway starts life just off the A4  fairly near to Avebury and follows the high-line of the downs for hundreds of miles. Here are three different translations from the same spot. As I sat here and painted, I was ‘serenaded’ by a old […]

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