Open Studio, July 2018


The Pewsey Vale is a very special place and it has played an important part in almost all of my life. My family has a deep connection to this place: every lane, copse, field and hill elicits a memory, a story, or an emotion.

Maybe its because of this connection that I ‘feel’ the landscape. As I move across it, it moves ‘through’ me. Shadows and lights passing. Grasses and trees whispering and moving alongside me. The hills, mellow in their age, softened and comforting: the ‘Mam Tor’ – the mother hill – providing stability to the land below. The endless sky.

Photo 21-09-2016, 11 54 01

Stanton St. Bernard some time in 2016. My ‘helper’ is Moshi, our Border Terrier.

And saturated within these hills, fields, by-ways and drove-ways are the bodies and memories of the people of the past: our people. Their footfalls laying paths through riven chalk. Their words and songs lost now to the wind. Their toil now our leisure. Their animals: sheep, dog, horse, pig, ox, forever altering the land, pushing the boar and the auroch into the shadows. Ghost animals. Treasured sacrifices. Burial mound jewelry.

Making a connection between the past and the present is as simple as closing your eyes.



The ‘before’ and the ‘now’ are the same.

…And at this point I start painting.


‘Grey Weathers’ at Lockeridge. Watercolour and wax sketch, 2017.

I’d like to share my love of this landscape with you. My little sanctuary in the Wiltshire countryside will be open to visitors on Saturday 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th July 2018, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. I have a range of framed and unframed paintings and prints available as well as cards, postcards, refreshments and cake (for the ‘early birds’). If you’re unable to make any of the Saturday open days, I would be happy to make a special viewing by arrangement. Feel free to contact me.

If you’ve picked up the Marlborough Open Studios brochure for 2018 you may spot that I am located on the map in Chirton (studio 14). This is in fact an error: my studio is in Stanton St. Bernard (see map).

I look forward to seeing you.


Yes, that’s me looking pretty chilled.


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I am a Wiltshire-based landscape artist, working outdoors, come rain or shine. I recently left full time work in order to pursue my life-long ambition of being an artist.

2 thoughts on “Open Studio, July 2018”

  1. I totally understand what you mean about the Wiltshire landscape. I’d love to paint it too. It’s just so saturated with history. g xx


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